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In order to deliver our customers comprehensive and dependable solutions, we’ve partnered with these industry-leading service providers.



Founded in 1979, AAMSCO Identification Products, Inc. is an Arkansas based company specializing in card personalization, secure identification, identity and access management, physical and logical access control, secure communications, and surveillance. AAMSCO’s specialty-trained teams offer a variety of service packages including installation, training, and preventive maintenance services to meet your needs.

Diamond Business Services logo

Diamond Business Services

With over 35 years in the industry, we here at Diamond Business Services are proud to provide your company with identity solutions unique and custom fit to your business!

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IC Group

Founded in 1982, IC Group has grown to become one of the largest and most dynamic privately-owned providers of marketing solutions in the intermountain west, currently employing 150 team members at our 55,000 square foot facility in Salt Lake City.

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A full-service identification and security integrator in the Rocky Mountains and Southwestern US. Multicard designs, builds, installs and supports open standards-based ID systems using a range of ID applications and technology options. Offering solutions for Credentialing, Electronic Security, Patient ID, Logical Access and Advanced Two-Factor Authentication, Event Tracking, Mobile Badging, Visitor Management, and more.

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OneNeck IT Solutions

A trusted provider of hybrid IT solutions, OneNeck is a company built on decades of relationships, partnerships and experiences. OneNeck is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems, a Fortune 500® company that serves about six million customers nationwide.

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Paragon Application Systems

Providing top notch transaction testing tools to the top 6 global card brands, the top 50 merchant acquirers, the top 10 payment processors, the top 50 retailers and the top 300 banks in the world.

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Schellman & Company

As our partner for annual PCI assessments and SOC 1 examinations, Schellman’s services are centered on independent assessments based on specific industry standards.

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STAR Network

STAR® Debit Network gives cardholders safe access to their money virtually anytime and anywhere they want.

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