Keep pace with your customers in a fast changing market


Our system is developer-friendly, user-friendly and highly scalable.

It is designed to be flexible enough to keep up with a fast changing market and the evolving needs of cardholders and issuers alike. And you can count on our operational support consultants to work with you to tailor appropriate solutions.

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The QRails system is developer-friendly. It is easy to adapt and integrates seamlessly with third party applications. This opens the door to creating genuinely innovative financial services products. Learn more about our system’s ability to flex with customer requirements here.

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We’ve designed the QRails platform to be user-friendly. We have an intuitive dashboard for both you and your cardholders to set and adjust risk limits and alerts. And with our system, onboarding and migration couldn’t be easier.

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We’ve made sure the QRails system can flex with changing transaction levels — and grow with our clients. Thanks to our cloud based operating system we can double our processing capacity very quickly — usually within twenty four hours. More about that here.

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Operational Support

But truly flexible solutions can’t be driven by technology alone — they require design, implementation, monitoring and learning followed by adaptation. And different card programs require different mixes of operational support and services. That’s where our operational support consultants and our suite of operational support services come to the fore.

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