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Our highly experienced team is committed to producing smart solutions that bring together the best in technology and customer care.

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Experienced Team

Our management team has over 100 years experience in financial services between them, with a proven track record in launching successful new businesses and particular expertise in Transaction Processing, Card Manufacturing and Personalization and Fulfillment of payment products. And our chief revenue officer learned the industry through customer care. Learn more about us here.

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Committed to Innovation and Customer Service

We want to bring you the best in technology and customer service. We understand the pitfalls of delivering technology without personal attention. And we know no amount of customer care can offset the shortcomings of a legacy system. We’ve been around this industry long enough to feel your pain — and to want to do something about it!

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Smart Solutions

We’ve drawn from our experience and knowledge to design processing solutions that we hope you will agree are smart, including:

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