An exceptional payment processing platform

Issuer Processing

QRails provides issuers an exceptional payment processing platform, designed to meet cardholders’ evolving expectations and needs.

We’ve designed our system with the most stringent customer requirements in mind — we’re proud to say that the QRails platform is one of the first payment processors to achieve PCI-DSS Level 3.2 compliance. Our platform is second to none: omni-channel, developer-friendly, user-friendly, scalable, reliable and secure, with smart innovations including integrated loyalty schemes, fraud management and instant issuance.

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QRails is fully approved for use with the Mastercard and Visa networks, works on closed and open loop systems, and supports:

  • All issuer types — prepaid, debit and credit.
  • All payment channels — card-based, virtual and mobile (including Apple Pay and Android Pay).
  • All card types — including EMV and NFC-enabled cards and instant issuance cards.
  • We also offer white label mobile wallet and banking applications.
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The QRails system is easy to adapt and integrates seamlessly with third party applications — which opens the door to creating genuinely innovative financial services products.

  • Our entire system is built on open architecture (.Net).
  • Integration with third party applications is available via RESTful APIs.
  • It can support multiple output formats, including XML, JSON, and Name Value Pairs.
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The QRails processing platform offers an intuitive, flexible dashboard for both you and your cardholders.

That means you can enjoy exceptional transparency and control over your payment programs.

Using your dashboard you can configure spending limits, risk alerts and reports at the BIN or program level — and adjust these parameters as and when you need to, in real time.

And your cardholders can benefit from this added visibility and control too, if you choose to provide them with access to the QRails dashboard and controls, they can manage their own risk limits and alerts.

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QRails can scale quickly. Even on a day to day basis if needs be, to reflect changing levels of transaction volumes or to match your success.

Because our operating system is virtualized and runs upon a cloud-based network, it allows us to double (or halve) our processing capacity within twenty four hours.

And it’s fast. With none of the constraints of a legacy system, QRails boasts market beating performance metrics:

  • Authorisation response speed: 125 ms
  • Authorisation throughput: 120 tps/ 7200 tpm
  • API response: 70 ms
  • API throughput: 24k rpm
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QRails has been designed to achieve 99.999% uptime. As a virtualised operating system and cloud based network, it’s possible to build at least 100% redundancy into our system from the outset.

In the absence of any single point of failure, any error or breakdown within the system should cause no more than 20 seconds of downtime.

And we do everything possible to anticipate and pre-empt errors or breakdowns, including 24 hour pro-active and predictive monitoring and continuous PCI scanning of all core production systems.

We also have a comprehensive disaster recovery program, including redundant sites in nine locations in seven states.

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We’ve made sure to implement industry-leading data and network security protocols.

Physical access to QRails systems requires entry to a highly secure data center and a three factor authentication.

Our network is further protected by:

  • A multi-layer firewall with an intrusion prevention and detection (IPS/IDS) system
  • 24/7 predictive monitoring
  • A proprietary security model, supplemented by a third party model
  • All sensitive data is protected by 3DES encryption algorithms
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Smart Innovations

QRails offers some unique, smart solutions.

Our loyalty and rewards program is a seamless part of our system, driving exceptional performance. Our dashboard lets card issuers and card holders configure and adjust spending limits, risk alerts and reports. We have a powerful tool kit to fight fraud. And we provide a complete end-to-end solution for instant issuance — making us the only processor to our knowledge with its own fully integrated instant issuance solution.

Learn more about our smart innovations.

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