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Our highly experienced team, ethos of innovation and newly-developed processing platform all combine to bring you solutions you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

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Integrated Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Our loyalty and rewards solution is a fully integrated part of our platform. This means it works seamlessly across payment channels, in real time, and is exceptionally configurable. Our solution allows you to define and adjust your own campaign parameters and provides you with real time crediting and debiting of loyalty points. It supports your campaign, gift card and loyalty programs on contactless cards and via mobile solutions — such as QR codes, mobile coupons or smartphone applications.

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More control for you and your cardholders

With QRails you have access to an intuitive dashboard that lets you configure spending limits, risk alerts and reports — and adjust these parameters in real time.

You can also empower your cardholders to manage their own risk limits and alerts, with these functions:

  • Assign spending limits and fees at BIN, program or cardholder levels
  • Search for and review statement summaries, transactions, authorizations and declines on a client or cardholder basis
  • Customize the fees at all levels of your program
  • Define fees and/or commissions on a customer or customer group basis
  • Set up and manage statement periods, fees and interest calculations for credit programs
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Extensive Fraud Management Tools

QRails provides a comprehensive tool kit to fight fraud. Every transaction is scored in real time using data from a large “neural network” of millions of transactions. Spend pattern matching is then used to help determine score rank. This is based on spend patterns which helps with early fraud detection.

Velocity checks are in place to support this and we implement all standard fraud monitoring rules.

Partial Authorization and Fuel Dispenser rules are in place and floor limits are supported per Visa and MasterCard guidelines.

And in the event of force post scenarios, our processor will verify that we have chargeback rights.

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Instant Issuance

We provide an end-to-end solution for instant issuance, including:

  • A fully integrated instant issuance solution that is completely “printer agnostic”
  • PIN selection and maintenance
  • Delivery as a software-as-a-service solution, with all network and hardware components hosted in the cloud
  • Web-based self-service portal to manage images, inventory and personalization reports

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